$0 to 60 K Blog e-course, An AY Affiliate

The Law Of Attraction and a Blog e-course How did the blog e-course come into my life? I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and the saying “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. When I started to THINK about overhauling and re-publishing the Aging Youthful blog, my teacher appeared. Her name was Erica House, a blogger and friend on Facebook, who was promoting a 5-Day Facebook mini-course on how to monetize a blog. As soon as I saw the post I requested into the private group! Learn How To Earn Money Blogging As a successful blogger, in three years Erica grew her “little blog” into a part-time, work-from-home income stream, earning $30,000 in her third year and $60,000 overall! She Continue reading $0 to 60 K Blog e-course, An AY Affiliate

Just Keep Punching: The Youthful Aging Mindset

What Do The Words Youthful Aging Mindset Mean To You? Does a Youthful Aging mindset mean having the body of a 20 year old when your 50?  Does it mean being in as good of shape in your 40’s as you were in high school?  Does it mean having enough energy to keep up with your grand kids?  Or maybe it means that you can bend over and put on your shoes without getting out of breath!!! Last week Mary gave her Aging Youthful Top 5 List and this week I’ll give you my thoughts. I guess Aging Youthful means to me to not put limitations on what you can do, or are going to do, just because of a number!!!  I have to admit, I Continue reading Just Keep Punching: The Youthful Aging Mindset

Aging Youthful Top 5 List

Just because we are “getting older” doesn’t mean we can’t be aging youthful! Not too many years ago, Mark and I were NOT the picture of health; we each smoked over a pack a day, drank too much and were eating fast, cheap and easy to make food (read, not healthy or nutritious). Our excuse? We had a front yard filled with racing sled dogs that needed to be watered, fed, trained and scooped up after and much like parents with a large family, we put their needs before ours. In 2009, Mark had his 30 year class reunion and we decided to take a good, hard look at the lifestyle we were living. The photo on the left below is us on our way Continue reading Aging Youthful Top 5 List