Easiest Meal Prep Ever

A while back I wrote a post on how to make a weeks worth of salads in 30 minutes or less to share how food – prepping CAN be quick and easy. Today I’m here to share the easiest meal prep ever: having someone else do some of the work for you.

With getting focused on my goal of competing on the stage at the Fitness America competition in November, it is time for me to get serious about my workouts and nutrition. I have been teaching six fitness classes a week, working full-time, blogging and sharing our superfoods nutrition, putting my food prep (not to mention my own workouts) on the backburner. I’ve been making most of my meals at home, but they haven’t necessarily been the proper macro-nutrients I need for optimal performance. As a result I started researching meal-prep services in the area and was very excited when I found Fit on the Go right here in Fairbanks….AND their prices are extremely affordable!

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Aging Youthful Back Online

Back Online

Mark and I are back online writing for Aging Youthful! I guess we haven’t really been off-line, Mark and I just set our writing aside for a while we were super busy working and training. In December I added teaching three more fitness classes to my schedule and Mark was trying to be busy training for a Strongman competition the end of January. However, the crud circulating around the world, knocked him down for most of December so we decided to take a little time off to get through the holidays, get him healthy and me get a little rest.

Not Writing But Not Resting

Despite his sickness, he had a great competition at The Frozen Northside Competition the end of January and proud to report he won his division once again! While he still didn’t feel 100% at the competition, as usual he gave it his all, set a couple of personal records (including the deadlift photo below from Teresa Sadler!) and qualified for US Strongman Nationals in June in Detroit! We have hired local strength and conditioning coach, Matthew Sadler to train him for the event, so we are hoping he gets over his most recent setback soon!

We are back online writing for you!

And Some More Sickness

On Saturday, Mark got violently sick and I ended up taking him to the emergency room. We are still waiting for the official results of the testing, but it is believed to be bad gut bacteria gone wild after a round of antibiotics for walking pneumonia at the end of the year. We are hoping for a speedy recovery so he can get back to training ASAP!

We’d love to hear from you to learn what you’d like to hear about. We are lining up a few awesome interviews of people who are living the Aging Youthful lifestyle by not letting their age define them and are doing some amazing things DESPITE their ages. Stay tuned as we come back online once a week with fun, engaging, entertaining, informative and inspiring stories!