About Us: My name is Mary Black, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle and Anti-Aging Coach, Motivational Speaker and author.  All this came about in 2009 when my husband Mark and I made a decision to get healthier and making one of the best decisions for our health: quit smoking. We knew giving up that health – killing habit was going to change the direction of our health, but little did we know it was going to totally change the direction our LIFE was going. A little background info on us:

Mark and I were married in 1989 and for twenty-two years following our “I do’s” we lived with as many as 90 dogs in our front yard as competitive sled dog racers in the upper Midwest. Both of us were born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota and lived there until 2003, when we decided to make the crazy (according to others) decision to move ourselves and our dogs to our remote, rustic cabin in the woods of far northeastern Minnesota. Just ONE of the reasons everyone thought we were crazy was we lived 10 miles from the power grid, 6 miles from the end of the plowed road, without indoor plumbing. Despite all the hard work involved, we lived that way for 10 years and loved it! We raced the mid and long-distance racing circuit and just one of our proudest moments was Mark winning the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in 2005.

MandM2009-2016In 2011 we decided to “hang up our mukluks” and as the saying goes, the Universe provides you something when you need it the most. Going back to my quitting smoking in 2009, I still hadn’t been feeling as good as I thought I should. A month after retiring from sled dogs a friend of mine introduced me to intermittent fasting through nutritional cleansing (NOT one of those!) with organic superfoods and supplements with the BEST direct sales company on the planet…and my PHYSICAL life was changed forever. Within four days of putting these amazing products in my body, I was LIT UP and felt better than I had in 15 years! I had such great results, others wanted what I had and I was referring people like crazy. Within a few months I had referred so many people, I figured I should go to an event to learn more about them. While I went to learn about the products I was introduced to a new way of thinking and personal development…and my MINDSET was changed forever. As a result of all this, within the first year, when Mark and I would run into people we hadn’t seen for a while, they could not believe we were the same people they last saw, commenting “you look 10 years younger” and some being so bold as to ask us what cosmetic surgery we had done! To this day, the only thing cosmetic is hair color, I had braces and Mark shaved off his mustache. That’s it! Most recently the photo on the left from August of 2009 popped up in Facebook memories, and I just about fell off my chair as I didn’t recognize who those people were, especially myself. Wow. As a result, in late 2011 Aging Youthful was born.

We’ve done some other crazy things in the last few years: we bought a gym in the little town we lived near and a year later I quit my “good” job working as a county department head. Two years after taking over the gym, we closed our doors, liquidated and moved to Florida and just 16 months later, we moved to Alaska to work for the summer just outside Denali National Park. As our work season was ending we decided to stay in Alaska and currently live in Fairbanks. Which brings me to where we are today…

We are growing our Aging Youthful blog to help you NOT let your age define you, rather go out and do things DESPITE your age! While our time on earth does have an end date, how many years we have been on this earth have NOTHING to do with how many we have left and it doesn’t have control over the quality of life we have left. That, my friend, is up to you! As they say, we don’t stop moving because we get old, we get old because we stop moving. Let us help you change your mindset on anti-aging…why be aging gracefully when you can be aging youthful?