Aging Youthful’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Now that Thanksgiving is here, is it politically incorrect to post the Aging Youthful holiday gift guide? With our recent move, thoughts of the holidays were put on the backburner. Now that we are pretty much settled in (we will be pulling things out of boxes for a while), I’m getting really excited for Christmas.

In the last four years we’ve lived in places with very little floor-space real estate and I haven’t had any room for a tree. I made due with our last house in Two Rivers with the peel and stick tree on the wall with lights and ornaments, but there’s just something about the lights on a pine tree that make it special. Keep up with our Facebook and Instagram feeds as I share the fun of decorating. Anywho…let’s get to the fun gift ideas!The 1st Annual Aging Youthful Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

Gifts We Love And Use

I’m going to start our holiday gift guide with products that we use and love every day. When I say every day, I mean EVERY day. From the time we get up until we go to bed, these are our the faves use throughout the day and believe someone in your life would love as much as we do!

Breville Juicer $209.95

This Breville Juicer on holiday gift guide has juiced a LOT of celery in the last six months!

Many of you have read my celery juicing story (if not, click here to read how it’s changed my life) and almost a year since I started, I’m still juicing a bunch of organic celery almost every morning. It’s the second thing in my body (my thyroid med is the first). I had a smaller juicer initially, but I was tired of having to chop the celery and load the small pieces slowly into the juicer. After six months of worrying I’d cut a finger off while I was still half asleep, I upgraded to this bad boy. Now all I do is cut the top and bottom off, rinse and put whole stalks and BOOM, it’s done! This is also a lot easier to clean which was important until our recent move as I was the dishwasher. It’s even better now that the dishes can be loaded into a dishwasher! Click here to check it out on Amazon.

French Press $27.95

I use this french press to cold press coffee every day.

After my celery juice and a 20 oz. glass of water, the next thing into my body is cold-pressed coffee I do in a French press overnight. I started using a French press when we lived in the bush and off-grid for 10 years and found no reason to switch back when we moved back on the power grid. A few years back I read somewhere that cold-pressed coffee is less acidic and easier on the stomach, so I started “making” my coffee at night. It’s super simple: put your favorite coffee grounds in the bottom of the press, add cold water and leave on the counter overnight. In the morning, press your coffee and heat it up. I choose to heat mine on the stove top, as don’t use a microwave much either (another side effect of not having power for 10 years). Click here for the one I bought from Amazon that has moved with us from Minnesota to Florida and Florida to Alaska. It’s brewed a lot of coffee over a LOT of miles.

Fun Coffee Mugs $14.97 – $19.97

I had to put some of the favorite mugs I have in my online shop for the Aging Youthful Holiday Gift Guide!

What’s more fun than a fun coffee mug in the morning? Choose between the empowering “Perfectly Imperfect” affirmation or the “I love his/hers” mugs from the Just Muggin’ Around collection in my eMBee Designs Boutique store. Check out all the collections as I have selected shirts, tanks and sweatshirts too. Be sure to bookmark the page while you are there and check back often. I have Mark working on more men’s designs for workout shirts too! Head over to for all the fun! Order until 11:59pm, tomorrow night (Nov. 24, 2017) Alaska time and get 20% off your entire order. Just enter BlackFri20 at checkout!

Nutri-Bullet $99.95

This nutri bullet gets used almost daily in my kitchen and why it's on my holiday gift guide.

Every morning a Nutri-Bullet gets a workout in my kitchen. I mix up chocolate banana protein pudding for breakfast (click here to get the recipe) but I use it for more than protein pudding or protein smoothies. I make salsa, the beginnings of gravies and fruit smoothies, just to name a few. These little guys take up so much less room than a food processor and can take care of a lot of the functions, especially since I’m usually only cooking for two. Click here to head over to Amazon to get one for your aging youthful sweetie.

Cuisinart Egg Cooker $37.95

A Cuisinart egg cooker hard boils a half dozen eggs every day Mark works!

This use-every day product was my Christmas present to Mark last year. Working 12 hour shift sitting in a haul truck as big as a house, he needs foods in his lunch box that can be eaten quick and on the run and hard-boiled eggs fit the bill. He’ll take a half-dozen with him in a Ziploc baggie. (Yes, he eats eggs like crazy, and his cholesterol is normal!). I’m all about simplifying and not having tons of appliances around the house, but when I saw this one, it was worth the space on the limited counters we had in our old house. All we have to do is put the right amount of water in the bottom using the enclosed measuring cup, poke a hole in the top of the egg (on said measuring cup), place on the holder and wait for the timer to go off. I then drop them into an ice bath for about 15-30 minutes and the best part….the eggs peel with ease! Yep, no more swearing or wasting half the egg when it won’t peel! Click here for the one I ordered last year.

Rejuvity Skin Care: (Item cost varies)

Anti-aging chemical free skin care is important in my life. The Rejuvity skin care line has been my favorite for five years!

When Isagenix came out with the Rejuvity Skin Care line, as an associate I thought I should give it a try. I believe healthy, aging youthful skin begins with what we put IN our body (i.e. whole, organic, not-processed, chemical-free foods), I also believe what we put ON our skin should be whole and chemical-free. From the first night I used the products, I was hooked. Originally, I used all 7 of the products, but have simplified my daily routine.  I use the cleanser, hydrating toner (only at night after I remove my makeup) and the youth serum and twice a week, I use the bamboo “polish” for exfoliation. In the four years since I started using it, I have received more compliments on my skin and I’m 51! The best part? All four of these products combined, cost less than a good eye cream and last 2-3 months! I liked the individual product above, for the whole line, click here. (Become a Preferred Customer to receive wholesale pricing for even more savings).

Girlfriend Collective Leggings $58 (Free shipping on two items or more)

The Best Leggings with real models

If you missed my post about my love for Girlfriend Collective leggings, check it out here. I love these leggings with medium compression as it keeps all my 51 year old lower body parts in line while I’m working out AND make the backside I’ve worked hard for look good. As I used to tell the girls in my group fitness class “you gotta look good walking away!”. I have been a lover of the leggings starting with the lower-case L for years, they now sit in my closet in favor of my Girlfriends…AND they are half the price! WIN-WIN! While I first fell in love with their leggings, I fell deeper in love with them when I learned more about the company and their sustainability and labor practices. The also offer free shipping when you order two or more items! Click here to head over to their website to learn more and get your first pair to fall in love!

Duluth Trading Firehose Flex Pants $69.50

Duluth Trading DuluthFlex Fire Hose Carpenter Pants

Just like me leaving my old favorite leggings sitting in my closet in favor of my Girlfriend Collective faves, Mark’s old favorite “brown duck” work pants sit in the closet in favor of the more comfortable Duluth Trading Firehose Flex pants. He wrote of his new found love last winter when Duluth Trading sent us some clothes to try after being disappointed with the quality reduction in his former favorite (check it out here). For a guy who has to sit in a truck 12 hours a day, he loves these pants and it’s why they made the holiday gift guide. From the time they come out of the bag they are soft and comfortable, keep “the boys” comfortable and have worn incredibly well. If you are a bigger AND taller guy, Duluth Trading has clothes that will fit you! Click here for a link to the Firehose Flex pants, and be sure to check out all their clothes. (Ladies, they have awesome stuff for us too!).

Intex Spa $399.99

Not only does this Intex inflatable hot tub soak our sore muscles after Strongmwan workouts, it has helped us reconnect and save our marriage.

I saved the best for last in our holiday gift guide: The Intex inflatable spa. We sure have been missing this thing as we haven’t set it up in our garage…yet. Plans call for it this weekend! This was one of the best purchases to soak our sore muscles after our Strongman workouts! We were a little skeptical of how it would work at first, but from the first time we hopped in, we were in love! It also has helped Mark and I reconnect as there are no distractions while hanging out in the hot tub and it was one of the three tips I shared to reconnect your marriage in our last blog post. Head over to Amazon to check it out by clicking here. If you a an Amazon Prime member the shipping is FREE!

There you have it, the what-we-use-every day Aging Youthful holiday gift guide. We hope you find something for yourself or someone on your gift list. What is on your holiday wish list? I have a few items on mine for next week’s blog but I’m looking for more. Drop a comment below, and/or on our Facebook or Instagram pages. (Be sure to follow me on Instagram…I like to have fun with InstaStories and share my love of Aussie butts. It’s mostly Takum’s backside, but I’m always on the lookout for cute Aussie butts!).

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We may receive a referral fee for some of the products should you buy from the links in this article. However, we would share these items with you regardless as we do use every one of these products daily.