7 Tips to living the Aging Youthful Lifestyle...and it's not an anti-aging cream!

7 Tips To Living The Aging Youthful Lifestyle (none of which are the best anti-aging cream!)

As an Aging Youthful Lifestyle blogger, I get asked all the time, what is the most important thing to growing older without being old, so I compiled this list of 7 Tips To Living The Aging Youthful Lifestyle (and there’s not an anti-aging cream in the lot). This article was originally written for the awesome Sixty and Me website and it received dozens of comments and double-digit shares sparking great conversation with readers sharing their aging youthful tips. I’m honored to be a part of the incredible community Margaret Manning has created for people, women especially, to live active, vibrant lives despite having a lot of birthdays under our belts.

  1. THINK YOUNG – You Are What You Believe

Age is JUST a number! The only thing it measures is the time you have been on Earth, it has nothing to do with how many years you have left! If you believe you are young, you are. If you believe you are old, you are! Your mind is more powerful than you can imagine. Harness the power of your mind and the rest will take care of itself.

  1. Feed Your Soul/Spirit

Maybe fore you this will be praying and going to church, or it may mean connecting with your source in other ways. Whatever it means to you, just do it. By connecting with a higher power/self you keep your soul young!

Feeding your soul is important in living the Aging Youthful lifestyle

  1. Eat Right – Feed Your Body Right

As mentioned in the Free Meal Guide With Ease, Yes Please post, The old saying “You are what you eat” is true.  What you put into your body fuels it and gives you energy. When you eat and drink highly processed foods and drinks such as fast food, boxed foods, etc. there is little to no nutrients for your body to use. (This is also true of the anti-aging cream you use, make sure it’s not full of toxins! Click here for my favorite non-toxic serum). While the McMuffin at the drive through might stop your stomach from growling, it doesn’t give you much “fuel” to burn for energy and many times leaves you more tired than if you hadn’t eaten anything.  Give your body whole foods such as lean protein (chicken, fish, beef, pork, eggs, etc.), lots of vegetables (the more colorful the better) , fruits, whole grains and don’t forget your healthy fats: Olive and nut oils, nuts/nut butters, avocados, coconut oil, etc.

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Another part of feeding your body right is proper supplementation. Our food supply is nutritionally bankrupt and just about every person, EVEN if they eat organic whole foods, is lacking in nutrients. The truth is our top soil has been depleted of minerals due to all the spraying of “cides”: herbicides, fungicides, etc. “cides” means death in Latin and most of the commercial food sold today is lacking nutrients. When searching for supplements be sure the ingredients are NON-synthetic, earth-based and water-soluable. (Click here for what we use).

  1. Drink Water

Just like Mother Earth, our body is made up of 60-70% water! Drinking water to keep your cells hydrated is important and more effective than anti-aging cream for removing wrinkles (and a WHOLE lot cheaper!). With coffee, sodas and energy drinks as staples in most people’s day, many of us are walking around dehydrated. If I haven’t drank at LEAST a ½ gallon of water a day, I find myself getting agitated and stressed and have a hard time concentrating. Many times when you have the urge to eat without really being hungry, it is a signal from our brain we need water. In my Lifestyle Coaching Program, I coach my participants to go drink  that when the urge to eat strikes,  go drink 12 oz. of water before heading to the fridge. In most cases, it takes care of the urge. There are numerous reasons why to keep your body hydrated. Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic How Much Water Should You Drink Everyday? 

Water is even better than anti-aging cream for removing wrinkles and living the aging youthful lifestyle.

  1. Move Your Body

Yep, you KNEW it HAD to be a part of it, but having a fit body helps keep you young! Fitness does not have to mean bench-pressing your body weight, but moving your body and doing some sort of weight-bearing exercise WILL keep your body agile! As you age, you lose muscle-mass, and you want to keep as much as possible to keep your body YOUNG and vibrant! If you are looking for a great workout in just 12 minutes a week, check out the Aging Youthful article I wrote on Tabata workouts. If the exercise is too rigorous for you, modify to fit your fitness level. Whatever YOU like to do to move your body is better than nothing. If your gig is yoga, do it. Like to bike? Hop on and go for a ride or catch a spin class.  Like to lift weights? Lift them. (note: they don’t have to be the massive weights like Mark uses for Strongman!). Anyway, you get the picture. Our lives have become so sedentary, sitting is this generation’s smoking as a health hazard. Quick tip: If you work at a desk job, get up every hour and walk around, do a couple of standing stretches and/or squats to get the blood flowing.

  1. Connect With Nature

Get outside, breathe in fresh air, let the sun soak into your skin and get your bare feet on the ground if you can. I currently live in Alaska, so going barefoot in the winter is not a good idea unless I want frostbite! What I can do is try to get out and breathe in some fresh air, even if it’s 50  below. (I bundle up and just don’t do it for long!). With so much darkness in the winter, some nights after work I get dressed in all my cold weather gear, grab a headlamp and take my dog for a short walk in the bitter cold. He gets geared up too with a jacket and dog booties to keep his feet warm too! The more stress you move out of your life by connecting to nature, the less need for an anti-aging cream!

  1. Create A “Quiet” Time/Hobby

Creating “quiet” in our life is more important than ever. We are constantly bombarded with information and our poor brains are on constant overload. When was the last time you sat in your house reading without a radio or TV in the background? While technology is great, we need to unplug. You can do this by reading, prayer, meditation or finding a hobby that allows our creative side of our brain to flow. For some it’s painting, grease monkeys may find tuning a car as quiet time. For me one of my favorites, besides sitting in the hot tub is working on a trash-to-treasure project. There is just something about making something that someone thought was useless and making it a beautiful functional part of my home or yard.

There you have it, my 7 Tips To Living The Aging Youthful Lifestyle. If you’d like to keep this article close to go back to at your leisure, I’ve created a printable PDF with notes to keep track of what you are doing to live more youthfully! Get it downloaded to your inbox here: 7 Tips To Living An Aging Youthful Lifestyle Download.

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