The Best Leggings For The “Perfectly Imperfect” Woman

Disclaimer: I am NOT getting paid to write this post, nor have I received any free product for writing this post. Yes, I am that in love with these “best leggings” and the message of the Girlfriend Collective company. Ready to NOT have rolls…let’s roll.

Ladies, let’s get real for a minute. Who among  us women with a few decades under our belts doesn’t have a few lumps, bumps and rolls they would like to keep in place? Who among us is a little tired of leggings that ride just below the little roll or pooch, enhancing it even more? AND who among us is tired of seeing 20-something girls modeling said leggings without an ounce of body fat, yet still have those bodies photoshopped to make them appear “perfect”? (I’m raising BOTH my hands here). Well, let me introduce you to Girlfriend Collective (GC for short) leggings, the best leggings (IMHO) for us “perfectly imperfect” women.

The best leggings ever!

Image copyright Girlfriend Collective

Facebook Ads Work!

I found the incredible best leggings ever through of all things, a Facebook ad. Yes, I click on ads that pique my interest, and when I their ad stated something to the effect of “get these incredible leggings for just the cost of shipping” I clicked. Man I am SO glad I did! GC was just getting started and their strategy to get their name out before launching the full line of active wear, was to give each woman a chance to get one pair, FO FREE. While I love my wunder unders, I love a bargain so I ordered a pair. It took close to a month to get them as the leggings were made in small batches based on the number ordered and they were TOTALLY worth the wait!

Keeping It All In

As soon as I put the leggings on I was in heaven! (Now, if you don’t like compression-style leggings, these may not be the leggings for you). With my body shape, I’m a high rise girl and I LOVED how they kept all that middle stuff in place without a Starbuck’s size muffin top! Next I gave them the workout/yoga class test. I have other high-rise yoga pants that roll over more than most well-trained dogs when I do a forward fold in yoga or a burpee in a fitness class. Not these girls! I can forward fold, down dog, twist and (my favorite) savasana without having to yank them up every two minutes. In high energy bouncing and bounding classes I no longer have the fear of my “perfectly imperfect” middle bouncing and bounding for extra reps after I’m done!

The best leggings for real women

Image copyright Girlfriend Collective

Changing Lives, One Pair of Leggings At A Time

I will admit, when I clicked on the ad for the “just pay shipping” leggings, I didn’t read too much about the company story. I knew the leggings were made from recycled material with fair trade practices in Taiwan. I believe in a global economy and I buy American as much as possible, but when there is a really cool group of women, doing something really cool to help other women, it matters less where they are located and more about what they are doing to change lives. GC not only practices fair trade in their factories, they also offer free health checkups twice a year for their employees, PAY for their health insurance and start their employees at 125% of minimum wage!

The Best Leggings Changing The World?

When I dove even deeper into their story, I loved GC even more. Not only do they use 25 water bottles to make each pair of leggings, their water bottles are certified USED bottles. Did you know there are companies buying NEW, unused water bottles to make their “recycled” leggings, because it’s cheaper? I didn’t either! They also use safe dyes, separate the dye from the wastewater and the “sludge” is sent to a facility and make paving stones! (Read their full story here). But wait there’s more…

The best leggings with real models!

Image copyright Girlfriend Collective

A Marketing Launch I Fell In Love With

If you can’t tell, I totally fell in love with this company BEFORE they launched and our love relationship went to a whole new level when I saw the first release of their first few products. I saw real women (NOT size 0 and quite possibly not even a size 10) and I thought to myself, YES, it is about time! As someone who no longer fits into a size 6, I’m IN LOVE I’m in love with their advertising as I am their company. If you think yoga pants should be worn every day for every facet of your life, check them out. Their prices are reasonable ($58 – $68) and so is the rest of their clothing line. I haven’t tried anything other than the leggings (so far) but if they are anything like the three pairs of leggings I wear weekly, they are pretty incredible.

The Best Leggings with real models

This image is copyright of Girlfriend Collective.

Thanks for allowing me to love on what I believe to be the best leggings I’ve found for my strong, perfectly imperfect, 50+ year old body. As mentioned in the beginning of this post, I haven’t been paid for this post, nor have I received any free product from the company, other than their introductory offer. I urge you to check out their story on their site and read all of it. If you order a pair, let them know you’ve read their story and how awesome it is they are changing lives and the world, one pair of the best leggings at a time. They are super easy to find at

After you check out their website, come back and share a comment with of your favorite things you’ve learned about this awesome company. Also, be sure to follow me on Facebook and especially on Instagram where I like to have fun with InstaStories and share my love of Aussie butts. It’s mostly Takum’s backside, but I’m always on the lookout for cute Aussie butts!

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