The Benefits Of Celery Juicing – My Four Week Journey

The Benefits of Celery Juicing – My Results So Far

In my last post  “The Benefits of Celery Juicing – My Story”, I shared the background story of losing my thyroid and subsequent 20 years of not being medically treated properly and how competing in a fitness competition with a prep coach who only cared about getting paid. This combination put my body into a downward spiral for the last five years where my body quit responding to my thyroid meds, extreme bloating after eating, inflammation and adrenal fatigue. The 20 year journey has been one of highs and lows, and I shared a few bullet points to help you understand how much my health has changed in the last six months.  In Part 1 I shared how a posting about the benefits of celery juicing on Facebook by an inspiring friend, Kristi Youngdahl, changed my life.

After Kristi’s posting, I did a little more online research about celery juice and what it can do for the body and a couple of weeks later I ordered a cold-press juicer from Amazon that fit in my budget to get me started. I chose this VonShef slow masticating juicer from Amazon as I had read slow that masticating juicers keep more nutrients intact as it’s a “cold” process and centrifugal juicers get hot and some nutrient loss happens. While I don’t think it’s a huge deal since I drink it immediately after juicing, if I am going to drink celery juice, I am going to make sure I got as many nutrients as possible, ya know?? Now that I’ve been consistently juicing for six months, I’m looking to upgrade to a larger machine where I can just wash the stalks and put in the juicer. Currently I have to wash and chop into small pieces which translates into lots of time chopping when we go through around 10 bunches a week for Mark and I to each have 16 oz. of fresh juice a day.

The VonShef slow masticating juicer I currently own for celery juicing

Celery Juicing – What I Noticed In Four Weeks

Within the first two weeks of juicing I noticed a couple of things: First, I wasn’t bloating as much or at all when I ate, which was a sign that my stomach might be breaking down the foods I was eating better. The second thing I noticed was the day I put on a normally tight fitting sweatshirt and the arms were loose for the first time! That was a sign of retained water from inflammation leaving my body. And lastly, I had started to break out, a sign of toxins leaving my body.

In those first couple of weeks, I worked myself up to 8 oz. of juice, thinking that’s all I needed and after the first few weeks, hadn’t seen too much more in physical changes. However, I know when it comes to natural remedies, change isn’t going to happen overnight, it’s consistency over time that yields results.

Life-Changing Book

When I read the book The Medical Medium in early March, author Anthony William recommends 16 oz. every morning on an empty stomach. Once again I thought to myself “yuck” but with the changes I had seen in the first few weeks, I had to give it a try. Holy moley Batman…with one week, I noticed even more change in how I felt after I ate and I also could SEE changes when I looked in the mirror. The biggest “holy $h!t moment was three weeks after upping to 16 oz. a day when I sent my check-in photos to my lifestyle/competition prep coach, Amy. The day I took those photos, I felt bloated as I had been a “bad girl” the night before and had ice cream. I begrudgingly took the photos and thought to myself, it is was it is, and was FLOORED when I attached the side shot photo to the email. I did like a quadruple-take as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…my “bloated” stomach this week, was flatter than my not-bloated stomach from two weeks before!

The benefits of celery juicing - my changes

While I still have a long way to go in my journey, I am amazed at how far I have come in the last six weeks. I’ve had more positive body changes, both physically and visually, than I’ve had in the last 20 years combined, sans contest prep “dieting down”.  I know people will say it has to do with my diet and exercise plan, but since January, I have been back to working out and eating “on plan” most of the time,  I hadn’t seen much change until I upped from  8 to 16 oz. Just today I “came out” to my coach that after I started upping my juice, I also upped my fruit intake, beyond what is on my custom food plan. In the book, Mr. William shares how our society has made us afraid of fruit because it causes diabetes and a host of other diseases. In truth, we are depriving our bodies of healthy-cell building nutrients!

I have a my next thyroid and it’s collateral lab work in June and for the first time in a long time, I am excited to see my results. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, whether you have thyroid, hormone, auto-immune issues or not, I would recommend reading one or all three of Anthony William’s books.

The Medical Medium: The Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illnesses.
Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits and Vegetables.
Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: The Truth Behind Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules and Esptein-Barr. (This will be released later this year).

We go through about 10 bunches of celery a week to have 16 oz. of fresh pressed celery juice for both Mark and me each day.

While you may not think celery juicing is for you, I would urge you to at least learn more about how foods are medicine and if we give our body the nutrients it needs, most of us would need less chemical medicine and be healthier in the process.

We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or share on our Facebook page what you would like to read more about. Next up on the blog is a new incredible protein waffle recipe and a story from The Aging Youthful Dude!

The Benefits of Celery Juicing – My Story

The Benefits of Celery Juicing – My Story

In late November of 2016, I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook (as I usually do) and came across a Facebook photo and post about the benefits of celery juicing from Kristi Youngdahl, who I incredibly admire:

My friend Kristi Youngdahl's Facebook photo and posting about the benefits of celery juicing that changed my life.

So grateful for a husband who not only does dishes… 😍 but also juices our celery every  morning! Why celery juice… because it transforms the gut! Our gut is linked to EVERYTHING! Seriously.

Celery is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods, because it starves unproductive bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, and viruses that are present in the body and flushes their toxins and debris out of the intestinal tract and liver—at the same time, celery helps good bacteria thrive. Celery is the most powerful way to alkalize the gut. Celery offers enzymes and coenzymes, and it raises hydrochloric acid in the stomach so that food digests with ease and doesn’t putrefy. In addition to the above, celery can improve kidney function, helps restore the adrenals, and can even bring ease to one’s mind and thought patterns, with its mineral salts feeding electrical impulse activity and supporting neuron function. When it comes to celery, think electrolytes. It hydrates on a deep cellular level, lessening your chances of suffering from migraines. It is one of the greatest healing tonics of all time.

Drink a full 16 ounces of fresh celery juice daily—and make sure it’s on an empty stomach to raise hydrochloric acid levels most efficiently. We prefer first thing in the morning before our breakfast shakes! CHANGED OUR LIVES! #gamechanger #teamwork #celeryjuice

When I read the first two sentences, I first said to myself “WHAT???”…I wasn’t talking about the part where her husband does the dishes, I was talking about the part where they drink 16 oz. of celery juice first thing in the morning. My second thought was “GROSS!!!”, and I only kept reading because I admire her so much and I HAD to read what the benefits are of celery juicing. I will be forever grateful I DID keep reading. Like she says at the end of her post “CHANGED OUR LIVES”…it has changed MINE!

My Background Story

For those of you that don’t know my history, in 1997 I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and had my “extremely dangerous hyperactive” thyroid killed in order that it wouldn’t kill me.  There’s a long story I won’t bore you with about what finally made me go see the doctor, but thankfully I did, as I was on the verge of congestive heart failure. At that time thyroid removal by surgery or killing it with radioactive iodine pills were my options given by my doctors. At that time, I took whatever the doctor said as gospel (I no longer do) so I chose the less-invasive option. For the last 20 years, I’ve struggled with low energy, bloating, inflammation, nutrient absorption, digestive issues and more (reducing all these are some of the benefits of celery juicing!). Thankfully in 2011 I was introduced to Isagenix as it gave me back energy and helped me get the micro-nutrients my body was CRAVING as the protein shakes are more easily absorbed due to not having to have hard digestive breakdown like a piece of chicken would. However, Isagenix cannot cure disease and conditions and the root cause of the underlying reason why my body wasn’t breaking down foods and absorbing nutrients wasn’t being addressed.

To Make Matters Worse…

In 2012 I did a figure competition using a trainer who put me on a Ketogenic diet (please, do not do this diet unless it’s for medical reasons, in which case you stay on it for life) for 16+ weeks prior to the competition and had me doing two hours of cardio a day the month leading up to the contest. The photo below showed up in my Facebook memories this past weekend with the posting “How’s this for a sweat session coach? Cardio #1 done for the day, I’ll be back at it later.” (UGH! If I knew then what I know now, but then again I wouldn’t have this story to tell to hopefully help someone else).

Little did I know my marathon cardio sessions would send me to adrenal fatigue and other hormone issues.

This combination took my already messed up hormone system to a whole new level. The bounce-back after the competition was awful; within a month post competition I had gained back the 20# I lost prior to the competition and fell into adrenal fatigue. Slowly over the next couple of years, my body quit responding to my thyroid medication, I had horrible bloating almost every time I ate and created and inflammation cocktail inside my body that had me gain an additional 20 pounds over the last couple of years.


  • Adrenal fatigue: I was finding myself having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Once I got moving  I was fine until mid to late-afternoon I’d have a major crash and would struggle to stay awake driving home from work. I would get home, struggle to get through the evening but when I went to bed, I couldn’t fall asleep. If I did fall asleep, I would find myself waking up around 2:30 AM unable to fall back to sleep.
  • Food absorption issues: With almost anything I ate; full meals or just protein, veggies or fruits by themselves, my stomach would feel  like someone pumped air into a balloon in my stomach. I would wake up each day with a semi-flat stomach, but within a couple of hours, as soon as I ate something I looked like I was in a third tri-mester of pregnancy!
  • Other issues: as a result of the two problems above, I had bad water retention/inflammation all over my body. I had a huge “pooch” in my lower belly, and dimply upper arms, especially in my tricep area.

I THOUGHT I Was On The Right Path

When we moved to Fairbanks I found a naturopath I liked at first. She said all the right things; “we need to get to the root cause, I suspect you aren’t absorbing nutrients and have adrenal fatigue, etc. etc. etc.” While many of the things she thought I had going on seemed to make sense, low hydrcholoric acid in the gut that wasn’t breaking down the foods I was eating causing the bloating, adrenal fatigue creating my sleep problems, low progesterone (that’s a whole other story), etc. etc. etc. again. I started out with a new off-the-shelf  “more natural” thyroid hormone and a hydrocholoric acid supplement to take with every meal along with an iron supplement (my iron levels are extremely low too). I was excited at first to finally feel like I was on the right path, but with each passing month, nothing seemed to change and created other issues. While most people supplementing with iron tend to get constipated, I had the opposite reaction!

Supplements or Medicine: Too Much Is Too Much

At each visit I was prescribed another supplement (or three) and  after a few months, she had me on so many supplements I couldn’t keep track of them all! Not to mention paying a ton of money with very little results, and of course to also not to mention, all these supplements are available in the clinic she works. She even went so far to suggest that I trade out a couple of my “expensive” Isagenix supplements for cheaper versions in her office. I don’t know what price list she was looking at, but the Isa products are cheaper to buy wholesale than what she had in her office. She also refused to take more than a quick look at the products I was taking before discrediting them and how they had helped me. (I will make the disclaimer  I also not only earn enough money each month to get Mark and my products paid for, I also earn enough residual income to pay more bills).

I finally had enough and late last year found a new doctor I’ve been working with. He confirmed that the supplements weren’t doing much for me and cut me back to only my thyroid hormone in a very high dose with the hopes of reducing it as time goes on and my body starts absorbing and utilizing the hormone more.

There you have it…the SHORT version (yes this is the short version) of my background story. I don’t want to make this too long, so next week I will share changes I’ve seen in my body since I started celery juicing. Just like Kristi said in her Facebook post, it’s been LIFE-CHANGING!

The benefits of celery juicing

50 Easy Ways To Nourish Your Soul

50 Easy Ways to Nourish Your Soul from Aging Youthful

Nourish Your Soul

Would you like to nourish your soul but and don’t know where to start? Not sure what nourishing your soul means? I shared my definition of nourishing my soul in our introductory post, but to make it simple, it is doing what makes me feel warm and fuzzy, puts a smile on my face and just makes me feel good overall. From watching a sunrise or set to enjoying a good book, it feels good to do things that feel good!

A Soul-Starved Society

I believe we are living in a soul  – starved society. For generations, we’ve been taught to go to school, get a good job with benefits, work hard for forty years and collect a pension. That seemed to work for a while, but as the generations went on, we became less concerned with how we felt ABOUT our work, than what we MADE while doing the work. Working at a job we aren’t passionate about and doesn’t fill our souls is OK, we just need to be sure we are doing something in our off-time of that DOES. Most soul – filling things can be free and don’t take a lot time,

What We Focus on Expands

Like everything else, what we focus on expands. I found the more I started to really appreciate the little things, the more little (and bigger!) things I had to appreciate! The Law of Attraction is happening whether we pay attention to it or not. When we focus on smelling the roses, we will notice more roses to smell! One of my two most favorite things to nourish my soul on the list I compiled below are watching sunrises and sunsets. I really started to appreciate them when Mark and I moved to our cabin in the bush of Northeastern Minnesota. At the time, the trees on the property were pretty small as we built on a piece of land to the East of a huge clear cut. Those first few years, the sunsets streaming through our front window were amazing. There were nights in the first couple of years where I would sit on top of a dog house with our lead dog Innoko, watching the sunset.  As the years went on I had to seek higher ground to get a wide view of the sunset but as you can see from the photo below, even after the trees started to grow higher, they still were pretty amazing.
one of the amazing sunsets at our cabin in Minnesota

What Nourishes MY Soul

I have compiled a list of things that inspire me and makes my insides warm to hopefully inspire you to give your soul a lift. By all means this is not an all – inclusive list, I could have kept going but decided to stop at 50 to not be overwhelming for beginners. I have also created a printable pdf of the list for you! Click here to have sent to your email. My hope is you will print and hang some place where it can be seen every day as a reminder to stop for a second or two and nourish YOUR soul.  Here we go…

50 Easy Ways To Nourish Your Soul


We would love to hear from you! What feeds YOUR soul? Comment below or on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you would like to have a printable pdf of the list sent to your inbox for a daily reminder, click here.

Just Keep Punching: The Youthful Aging Mindset

What Do The Words Youthful Aging Mindset Mean To You?

Does a Youthful Aging mindset mean having the body of a 20 year old when your 50?  Does it mean being in as good of shape in your 40’s as you were in high school?  Does it mean having enough energy to keep up with your grand kids?  Or maybe it means that you can bend over and put on your shoes without getting out of breath!!! Last week Mary gave her Aging Youthful Top 5 List and this week I’ll give you my thoughts.

I guess Aging Youthful means to me to not put limitations on what you can do, or are going to do, just because of a number!!!  I have to admit, I have seen so many from my past that look like they have given up the battle.  Some of these next comments are as I see or saw it, and are in no way meant to downgrade or hurt anyone.  I am just going to be stating it as I see/saw it. I have never been one to pull any punches, and I tell it like it is.

A Couple Aging Mindset Eye Openers

A few years ago (oh shit, more than a few), Mary and I attended my 30th high school class reunion.  It was great seeing old classmates and we had a blast.  But old is the key word here.  While many looked great, some not so much.  On the way back to our hotel, I told Mary there were a few that looked like they had just graduated but some looked and acted as if they had given up the fight and I felt like I was hanging out with a bunch of fat, old men. What made the difference? I wasn’t sure, but I sure knew I didn’t want to become one!  Because of what we saw on those two nights, a few weeks later Mary and I adopted our new, healthier lifestyle. (Photo on the left was us on the way to the reunion in July of 2009. Photo on the right, this past July)


Our next eye opener was a couple of years later when we had an Isagenix booth at a health fair at a paper mill I worked at for 17 years. This was an eye opener for aging  but especially the weight gain part.  The employees who work in production work a rotating shift schedule, going back and forth from days to nights (one of the worst work schedules there is for your body) and I was amazed at how some of the people I used to work with looked!  There was a LOT of weight/fat gain, a lot of people looking a lot older than they were and a couple I didn’t recognize!  Again, many looked as if they had given up the fight.

If You Think You’re Old, You Are

And what is this fight I refer to? How about NOT giving in to the status quo and agreeing with the statement that, oh, we’re just getting older, so I’m going to put on some extra pounds?  Or, I am just so tired all the time; I don’t have the energy to workout.  Or I am just so busy; I don’t have the time to fix healthy meals, workout, etc.I have a close relative that has an aging mindset and is always saying “I can’t do this, I can’t do that because I am OLD”. Well, because she keeps telling herself that, that’s what she is. I have another relative, ten years older than me whose age doesn’t get in the way of doing whatever her heart leads her to.  Whether it’s riding a bike 50 miles, spending a weekend kayaking with friends or taking a vacation to scuba dive in the tropics, nothing holds her back! Two opposite ends of the spectrum.  And who do you think loves and lives life more? (Hint, the one in the photo below).

My Aunt Shelley: 65 and living and loving life

Don’t fall into the “I’m just too old” crap trap.  There is a lot of truth to the saying “you’re only as old as you feel”.  I do have to admit, there are mornings when it hurts to get out of bed and is usually because I sometimes kinda overdo it at the gym, right Mary? (Editor’s note, the answer is yes and any of the crossed out words in this article is my “editing”. lol). Yes, I can get carried away during my workouts and sometimes go a little too hard.  But my motto is why just go half-assed?  If I am gonna spend the time at the gym, I’m gonna give it my all.  Now I’m not saying everyone has to do what I am doing, training really hard and heavy, but I am saying everyone needs to do something to keep moving; lift weights, do some cardio, Zumba, dance, walk, hike, yoga or ???  Yoga is something I have done a few times, and I figured out, I NEED more yoga. Guys, don’t think yoga is just for the womenfolk, let me tell you, it is HARD!  I can pull a semi, lift a car, pick up a 300 pound rock, but Yoga kicks my ass!

Yoga; the workout that kicks the Aging Youthful Dudes Ass!

“Just Keep Punching” ~Luis Camacho

What is the message I am trying to get out on this post??  AGE YOUTHFULLY: Move, eat healthy, supplement right (we cannot get all the nutrients we need from our food supply anymore) and most importantly change your attitude!  Age IS just a number and if you THINK you’re old, you ARE.  Mary and I have met so many people, our age and older, who are not letting a number define who they are or what they are doing.  One of my favorite people we have met through our travels is Luis Camacho. At 79 years young, he’s still coaching boxing, holding the mitts in the ring, and has such a great outlook on life!!  I wanna be like Luis when I grow up. “Just keep punching” as Luis says and don’t give up the fight!

No Aging Mindset Here! Luis Camacho, 79 years young and still going strong!

What am I gonna do?  I am NOT going down without a fight.  I will be punching along with kicking and screaming every step of the way to keep my youthful aging mindset.  I will continue to lift heavy and probably continue to overdo it sometimes. I will start getting my butt to Yoga more.  I will continue to eat healthy MOST of the time. I am not saying I don’t eat less than good sometimes because I LOVE ice cream and chocolate and have some when I want to, just not every day and my workouts (usually) take care of the extra calories. Lastly, I will try to start doing a little cardio and I will continue to keep spreading the Aging Youthful word!

We want to hear from you! What are you going to do? Share one thing you can start today to change to a Youthful Aging Mindset by commenting below or posting on our Facebook page.

Aging Youthful Top 5 List

Just because we are “getting older” doesn’t mean we can’t be aging youthful! Not too many years ago, Mark and I were NOT the picture of health; we each smoked over a pack a day, drank too much and were eating fast, cheap and easy to make food (read, not healthy or nutritious). Our excuse? We had a front yard filled with racing sled dogs that needed to be watered, fed, trained and scooped up after and much like parents with a large family, we put their needs before ours. In 2009, Mark had his 30 year class reunion and we decided to take a good, hard look at the lifestyle we were living. The photo on the left below is us on our way to Mark’s reunion in 2009 (sorry about the poor quality). The photo on the right is us this past summer.

Looking Younger 7 Years Later Equals Aging Youthful

We Weren’t Aging Youthful

We realized if we didn’t change something SOON, we may not make it to the next one. Two weeks later we quit smoking (I haven’t had as much as a puff since), started to make smarter food choices and began working out. We also almost quit drinking except for the occasional special occasion or party. What we thought was going to be hard ended up making our life easier! We felt better, we had more energy and weren’t spending hundreds of dollars month on cigarettes and alcohol!

We also started to look and FEEL younger! When we ran into people we hadn’t seen for a couple years (or ten) they asked us what our secret was because we looked so much better than the last time we saw them. Eventually Mark and I started to notice the difference in our reflection in the mirror. Aging Youthful was born when we decided we wanted to share what we do with others to help them NOT let their age define them so they too could live a vibrant, active life. Last year we took a bit of a hiatus to regroup and reflect on the direction we wanted to take our blog. I’m excited to have Mark join me this time around! We have a goal of reaching thousands, tens of thousands, with our Aging Youthful secrets! If you are ready to be active and vibrant as you age, here is our “Top 5 List” to Living an Aging Youthful Life.

Aging Youthful Number 5: Move Your Body

It doesn’t matter how many birthday’s you’ve had, you are NEVER too old to start exercising. Do you have to pull a semi like Mark does for Strongman competitions for your exercise? NO! Just move. Like walking; walk. Like gardening; get on your hands and knees and start planting flowers and pulling weeds. Like to ride a bike? Go get yourself a new set of wheels and get out and ride! While Mark and I prefer to lift heavy stuff, you don’t have to go to extremes. Adding muscle mass through lifting weights IS a good thing becuase we lose muscle mass as we age. No worries ladies, we couldn’t grow muscle like Ah-nold when we were younger (without steroids), we certainly aren’t going to now either.


Aging Youthful Number 4: Fuel Your Body

The old adage is true; we are what we eat. If we eat crap, we are going to feel like crap. We practice the 80/20 rule at our house; eat healthy, whole, one-ingredient foods consisting of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits and lots and lots of veggies 80% of the time, and treat yourself 20% of the time. Yes, you CAN have ice cream and pizza, just not every day for every meal.

Whole food produce an Aging Youthful Secret

Stay away from low-fat, no-fat, no calorie foods. You may think these are healthier options, the opposite is true. When the company took out the fat and/or calories, they added in added sugar, or worse yet, artificial sweeteners. I could go on and on, but the easiest way to figure out what is healthy is by reading labels. Even easier, if it comes in a bag or a box and has a label, save it for your treat foods.  Not sure where to started, get the Aging Youthful meal plan/guide for FREE by clicking here (a $99 value).

Aging Youthful Number 3: Supplement Smartly

Mark and I get the bulk of our nutrition from real “fork and knife” meals but when began on our journey to healthier living, we started to learn how nutritionally bankrupt our food supply is. Years and years of spraying crops with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc., killed off whatever weed or bug the “cide” was targeting. Sadly it also killed off many of the nutrients in our topsoil. A 1997 UCLA study found it would take 43 bowls of spinach to have the same nutrient content from ONE bowl grown in 1953. This study was nearly 20 years ago and I shudder to think what the results would be today!

Mark and I had been eating mostly “clean” foods for a couple of years before we found Isagenix (an organic, all-natural superfoods and nutrition company). While we had been feeling pretty good after we had changed our habits, when we found these products, we were LIT UP! For the past five and a half years this has been our “secret” that we can’t keep quiet about. I won’t make this a commercial for the products, so if you want more information, send us an email at, or click or the link to the logo in the right column.

Isagenix - Our Aging Youthful secret!

Whether you decide to take a look at these products or not, supplementation today is the road to getting all the nutrients we need, especially minerals. A word of caution, don’t buy the cheapest thing on the shelf as most of them are synthetic (read chemical $hi+ storm) and you are literally flushing your money down the toilet. Your body doesn’t recognize these chemicals and it can lead to all types of problems in the future.

Aging Youthful Number 2: Remove Yourself from Toxic People/Environments

Second to supplementation, this has been one of the things that has changed how we look and feel, not to mention how we feel about ourselves! If you are in a stressful/toxic job, relationship or situation in your life, it will show in your health. Do whatever you can to remove yourself from that situation. The photos below were taken only 14 months apart. The photo on the left was the day I had braces put on in March of 2012 when I was still working as a county assessor in a small town. The photo on the right was taken in January of 2014, 16 months after I resigned as assessor. (Side note: the only cosmetic changes were my hair color and having my teeth straightened). Aging Youthful happens when you remove yourself from toxic situations

And the Number 1 Way to Live an Aging Youthful Life: Don’t Believe What Anyone Else Says About The Number of Birthdays Defining How You Have to Look, Feel or Act

THIS, our loyal readers, is THE most important tool we can give you from our Aging Youthful toolbox. While there are certain things that do happen as we gain wisdom (doesn’t that sound better than getting older?), there are many more things we can do to NOT believe that we have to BE old as we have another birthday. Go out and do something you used to do when you were a kid; run barefoot in the grass, drink from a garden hose, take your spouse on an unexpected date, trip…you name it! As the saying goes, we don’t quit playing because we get old, we get old because we quit playing! Or like us and our friends Clint and Bridgette did at a formal event…act goofy and laugh! (See photo below). If Mark let his age define him, would he have pulled a semi in his first Strongman competition at 55? If I let my age define me, would I have started teaching group fitness classes again at 50? Hell no! I know “old” people in their 30’s and “young” people in their 80’s! Watch for some of these people to be featured on the blog in the future!

Be a kid Aging Youthful secret

There you have it folks, Mark and my Top 5 List of our Aging Youthful secrets. I could go on and on and will share more in the future. In the meantime, pick one or two of the above tips and start implementing them into YOUR life. I will guarantee not only will you look younger, you will FEEL it too! If you have any Aging Youthful tips, we’d love to share them with our readers. Leave a comment below, send us an email, or send a message on our Facebook page.