Guilt-Free Waffles From The Aging Youthful Kitchen

I’m not joking…guilt-free waffles are here!! For months I had been seeing all these amazing pictures on my social media feed about protein waffles, but didn’t have a waffle-maker. Eventually the constant drooling on my phone got the better better of me so I headed to Wally World in search of an inexpensive one in case it wasn’t something I liked.

With the first recipe I tried, I was impressed with how the waffle turned out looks-wise, the taste,  another story. It was dry and kinda chewy and I was pretty happy I had only spent less than $20 on the waffle iron. However, my second try at making them, I tweaked my awesome Banana Walnut protein pancakes and it was a massive success! They are seriously SO good I don’t need butter or syrup! (But IF I do, I measure…1 tbsp. of grass-fed butter and 1 tsp. of local syrup.

Guilt free waffles are here!

I love this simple recipe:

2 eggs

1/4 c. Dry Whole Organic Oats

1/2 Scoop Vanilla IsaLean Protein Powder

1 tsp. Organic Cinnamon

1 tsp. Homemade Vanilla extract

1/2 Medium (1/3 large) banana, sliced

2 tbsp. Finely chopped walnuts

Directions: Heat up a Belgian waffle iron to medium-high. Place all ingredients EXCEPT walnuts in a blender or magic bullet and blend for about a minute until oats are finely chopped and banana is blended. When iron is hot, melt  tbsp. Of coconut oil on bottom and slowly pour mixture on iron, starting from the outside working your way in. Sprinkle with chopped walnuts before closing. Let cook approximately 3 minutes until waffle easily slides off the iron. Move to plate, let cool a little and enjoy!


The only thing different between this and my pancake recipe is added protein powder, and the banana are in the batter. I like this recipe better as the waffle iron takes out the awkward pancake flipping factor as well as the waffle tastes better reheated a day or two later!

Next time you break out the waffle iron, give these bad boys a try. You may never say “Let Go My EGGO” ever again!

The Benefits Of Celery Juicing – My Four Week Journey

The Benefits of Celery Juicing – My Results So Far

In my last post  “The Benefits of Celery Juicing – My Story”, I shared the background story of losing my thyroid and subsequent 20 years of not being medically treated properly and how competing in a fitness competition with a prep coach who only cared about getting paid. This combination put my body into a downward spiral for the last five years where my body quit responding to my thyroid meds, extreme bloating after eating, inflammation and adrenal fatigue. The 20 year journey has been one of highs and lows, and I shared a few bullet points to help you understand how much my health has changed in the last six months.  In Part 1 I shared how a posting about the benefits of celery juicing on Facebook by an inspiring friend, Kristi Youngdahl, changed my life.

After Kristi’s posting, I did a little more online research about celery juice and what it can do for the body and a couple of weeks later I ordered a cold-press juicer from Amazon that fit in my budget to get me started. I chose this VonShef slow masticating juicer from Amazon as I had read slow that masticating juicers keep more nutrients intact as it’s a “cold” process and centrifugal juicers get hot and some nutrient loss happens. While I don’t think it’s a huge deal since I drink it immediately after juicing, if I am going to drink celery juice, I am going to make sure I got as many nutrients as possible, ya know?? Now that I’ve been consistently juicing for six months, I’m looking to upgrade to a larger machine where I can just wash the stalks and put in the juicer. Currently I have to wash and chop into small pieces which translates into lots of time chopping when we go through around 10 bunches a week for Mark and I to each have 16 oz. of fresh juice a day.

The VonShef slow masticating juicer I currently own for celery juicing

Celery Juicing – What I Noticed In Four Weeks

Within the first two weeks of juicing I noticed a couple of things: First, I wasn’t bloating as much or at all when I ate, which was a sign that my stomach might be breaking down the foods I was eating better. The second thing I noticed was the day I put on a normally tight fitting sweatshirt and the arms were loose for the first time! That was a sign of retained water from inflammation leaving my body. And lastly, I had started to break out, a sign of toxins leaving my body.

In those first couple of weeks, I worked myself up to 8 oz. of juice, thinking that’s all I needed and after the first few weeks, hadn’t seen too much more in physical changes. However, I know when it comes to natural remedies, change isn’t going to happen overnight, it’s consistency over time that yields results.

Life-Changing Book

When I read the book The Medical Medium in early March, author Anthony William recommends 16 oz. every morning on an empty stomach. Once again I thought to myself “yuck” but with the changes I had seen in the first few weeks, I had to give it a try. Holy moley Batman…with one week, I noticed even more change in how I felt after I ate and I also could SEE changes when I looked in the mirror. The biggest “holy $h!t moment was three weeks after upping to 16 oz. a day when I sent my check-in photos to my lifestyle/competition prep coach, Amy. The day I took those photos, I felt bloated as I had been a “bad girl” the night before and had ice cream. I begrudgingly took the photos and thought to myself, it is was it is, and was FLOORED when I attached the side shot photo to the email. I did like a quadruple-take as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…my “bloated” stomach this week, was flatter than my not-bloated stomach from two weeks before!

The benefits of celery juicing - my changes

While I still have a long way to go in my journey, I am amazed at how far I have come in the last six weeks. I’ve had more positive body changes, both physically and visually, than I’ve had in the last 20 years combined, sans contest prep “dieting down”.  I know people will say it has to do with my diet and exercise plan, but since January, I have been back to working out and eating “on plan” most of the time,  I hadn’t seen much change until I upped from  8 to 16 oz. Just today I “came out” to my coach that after I started upping my juice, I also upped my fruit intake, beyond what is on my custom food plan. In the book, Mr. William shares how our society has made us afraid of fruit because it causes diabetes and a host of other diseases. In truth, we are depriving our bodies of healthy-cell building nutrients!

I have a my next thyroid and it’s collateral lab work in June and for the first time in a long time, I am excited to see my results. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, whether you have thyroid, hormone, auto-immune issues or not, I would recommend reading one or all three of Anthony William’s books.

The Medical Medium: The Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illnesses.
Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits and Vegetables.
Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: The Truth Behind Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules and Esptein-Barr. (This will be released later this year).

We go through about 10 bunches of celery a week to have 16 oz. of fresh pressed celery juice for both Mark and me each day.

While you may not think celery juicing is for you, I would urge you to at least learn more about how foods are medicine and if we give our body the nutrients it needs, most of us would need less chemical medicine and be healthier in the process.

We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or share on our Facebook page what you would like to read more about. Next up on the blog is a new incredible protein waffle recipe and a story from The Aging Youthful Dude!

Easiest Meal Prep Ever

A while back I wrote a post on how to make a weeks worth of salads in 30 minutes or less to share how food – prepping CAN be quick and easy. Today I’m here to share the easiest meal prep ever: having someone else do some of the work for you.

With getting focused on my goal of competing on the stage at the Fitness America competition in November, it is time for me to get serious about my workouts and nutrition. I have been teaching six fitness classes a week, working full-time, blogging and sharing our superfoods nutrition, putting my food prep (not to mention my own workouts) on the backburner. I’ve been making most of my meals at home, but they haven’t necessarily been the proper macro-nutrients I need for optimal performance. As a result I started researching meal-prep services in the area and was very excited when I found Fit on the Go right here in Fairbanks….AND their prices are extremely affordable!

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The Easiest Meal Ever From The Aging Youthful Kitchen

If you think you’re too busy to eat healthy I have THE easiest meal ever for you, even easier than my protein pancakes! When I first started on my quest of clean eating, I bought a clean eating cookbook and found the recipes too time consuming. First, I didn’t have the desire or the time to make them and they also had a list of ingredients a mile long! At the time Mark and I lived in a small town in Northeastern Minnesota, where the grocery stores are smaller than most convenient stores. Finding the non-basic ingredients was not happening unless I drove two hours one-way to a big box store. Here’s a little blast from the past: The two grocery stores in town;  Johnson’s Big Dollar and Gene’s IGA! I’m guessing anyone under thirty has never been in let alone seen either of these grocery “chains”. But I digress. At the time, Mark and I also had sled dogs to take out on a run after work. I needed to have cooking my clean meals as simple as cooking a frozen pizza, which was our staple in the past (and why we needed to get on a clean eating kick!). So what IS the easiest meal ever???

Crockpot Salsa Chicken, The Easiest Meal Ever

Crockpot Salsa Chicken, The Easiest Meal Ever

This recipe is SO easy it has only two ingredients; salsa and chicken. Yep, that’s it! When I first saw someone post this on Facebook a couple of years ago, I thought it couldn’t be that easy and that good. Well, it was and still is. It is a great meal when you want to have dinner when you get home and are getting ready to run out the door in the morning. It is as simple as pulling out the crockpot, plugging in and turning on low (I’m adding this because more than once I’ve forgotten to turn on the crockpot). Next throw in your favorite chicken; whole birds, thighs, legs, breasts or a mixture of all of the above! If using boneless, skinless breasts (like I usually do) legs, thighs or wings, throw them babies in frozen! No thawing required! Next add your favorite salsa to cover the meat. If using a whole chicken,  thaw before putting in the crockpot and add a little water to the bottom before adding the salsa. This is so easy it can also be cooked in the oven. I’ll line a cooking pan with tin foil (easy clean up!), spread a little olive oil in the bottom, add my frozen chicken breasts, top with salsa and bake at 350° until chicken if flaky all the way through.

Come Home To The Easiest Meal Ever

The best part? Coming home eight hours later to the awesome aroma of salsa spices wafting through the air, knowing dinner can be ready in just a few minutes! I usually turn off the crockpot as soon as I get home and make a side dish while the chicken cools. I’ll make steamed fresh vegetables, brown or mixed rice, quinoa…whatever I have on hand. Some nights if Mark and I are super hungry, we’ll just eat the chicken without any side dish, it’s THAT good.  This “recipe” (can I even call it a recipe with it being so simple?) can also be used as a base for tacos, enchiladas, burritos or whatever you can imagine. It is so tasty with the salsa spices simmered in over the day, let your imagination run wild and create a new family favorite.

There you have it, the easiest meal ever, at least in our house. If you have a meal just as easy, we’d love for you to share and possibly feature on the blog. Either comment below or share on our Facebook page. If you are too shy to “put it out there”, feel free to send us a private message on our page, or send an email to We love hearing from you!

Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Guilt-free cookie dough recipe from Aging Youthful“Cookie Dough” Can Be Healthy???

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would yell at you because you ate waaaaaay too much cookie dough? Yeah, me too. Do you also remember when mom would warn you about getting salmonella from eating said cookie dough? Yeah, me too. Once I started on my healthy eating journey, there haven’t been many fresh-baked cookies in our house, let alone raw cookie dough! A couple of years ago it all changed when I was introduced to a recipe for healthy “cookie dough” and I was brought back to my childhood, much like the Clean Eating Protein Pancakes I shared a few weeks back.

Measure Your Ingredients!

This recipe is super easy to make and will keep you on track for your healthy eating goals! Keep in mind, you need to measure the ingredients as this concoction is calorie and fat rich. Yes, the nut butter is a healthy fat, but too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Besides, with the nutritional density of this snack, it is filling. More than once I’ve been a little a lotta generous with the nut butter and ended up putting the remainder in the fridge or passed off to Mark to finish.

Do I have your mouth watering yet? Mine is and I just finished a serving since I needed to make some to take a picture of the finished product! Here you go:

Ingredients for Aging Youthful Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

“Cookie Dough” Ingredients:

2 Tbsp. organic natural nut butter**

1 Scoop Vanilla IsaLean Organic Whey Protein

1 Tbsp. milk (can be dairy, nut or my favorite, coconut milk)

2 Tbsp. semi-sweet mini chocolate chips

Directions: Mix the first three ingredients together in a cup until thoroughly mixed and the consistency of cookie dough.  (If it’s a little dry, add a few extra drops of milk. If it’s a little wet, add a little extra protein powder. Key word in these sentences, are “little” as it is really easy to throw off the consistency). Add chocolate chips, mix and enjoy!

**A note about nut butters: be sure to read labels! Many of the store brands have sugar as their first ingredient! I like to grind my own at the store, or be sure to find one with peanuts and salt as the only ingredients.

There you have it! Four ingredients, two minutes and viola! You have an awesome snack to satisfy your sweet tooth bringing you back to your childhood!

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