3 Easy Tips To Discover Your Strength Even When You Think You Don’t Have It

I want to start out by giving a shout out to you, the women out there who are doing the work to discover your strength. It’s not an easy path as we gain a handful of decades of experience (we aren’t getting older, we are aging youthful remember?), but I’m here to give you the permission to give yourself some grace as you figure it out.

The past three years have been 36 months of trial and error to discover my physical strength after a setback. For a while I didn’t think I was going to be a person to discover my strength again: I gained inches & weight and lost strength & endurance not realizing how sick I was underneath a seemingly healthy exterior.  As a person who preaches living a healthy lifestyle, on the outside I looked it healthy, but on the inside I had no idea the turmoil my poor body was as it dealt with a deadly low iron level. Through it all I had to give myself the grace to accept where I was, and as hard as it was, I had to believe it would come back. While I focused on my physical strength, my head told me “discover your strength” mentally more than it had in my life before.

Discover your strength is something I've told myself over and over through my health journey

Just before getting diagnosed, I was starting to use my strength and opened my mind to the practices of healing in the book The Medical Medium by Anthony Williams. Celery juicing helped me a ton but I recently had a bit of a setback as my body adjusted to the massive amount of iron it received intravenously in a short amount of time. The years of “puffy” inflammation that started to leave my body has come back, foods that no longer bothered my digestive system are once again. I’ve been eating a lot of humble pie as my clothes that started loosening up are feeling snug once again. I’m digging deep knowing this is just part of my story to share with those who read our blog or follow me on social media, with the hope it will help you if you are going through the difficult season of discovering your strength.

Through all of this I’ve learned a few things to help you discover your strength, even when you don’t feel like it. I found three important lessons to help me “dig deep” and keep believing it will all work out.

  1. No Matter How Bad You Think You Have It, There Is Someone Worse Off

I know this isn’t a new revelation, but sometimes when we are in the middle of a struggle, we really need to get out of our head and look around. While I was tired all the time laying on the couch, there were people out there who were homeless and didn’t have a couch. While I felt my health wasn’t 100%, high school friends battled cancer. Some lost and are no longer with us. To get me out of my funk, I would send an encouraging message to those who were also struggling.

Discover your strength even if you don't think you have it

In my online lifestyle coaching program, I share with my students, find your strength by starting a gratitude practice. I believe this is one of the most important steps in getting out of a funk. Bringing attention to all I have to be grateful for is good for the heart and soul, ESPECIALLY when I am having a crappy day. Focusing on all the good in my life has helped me a ton. What does my daily gratitude practice look like? I get up 10 minutes earlier than I need to, I  enjoy a cup of coffee as I write down five things I’m grateful for and five things I’m grateful for  AS IF they  already happened. Sometimes these things are the big things: Mark, my health, my family, etc. but more often than not they are little things: Takum and Buster (they actually are family), a lazy day in my PJ’s, indoor plumbing (I lived without it for 10 years), 4WD vehicles, etc. It can be anything, as long as it is something or someone I am grateful for and NOT something I don’t want to happen (that’s a double negative and trust me, it does not equal positive). Not sure how to get started? Check out my article Gratitude Practice, A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started here and get a FREE 4-page workbook sent to your inbox!

Starting a gratitude practice can help you turn hopeless into hopeful as you discover your strength

  1. Get Outside And Get Fresh Air!

Nothing is better than Mother Nature for healing my body AND my soul. Living in the Interior of Alaska can make it a challenge in the winter, but taking the dog (who is also bundled up in layers, lol) for a short walk helped me last winter. I came home from work, slipped on a pair of insulated bibs, winter boots, a parka, a warm hat (check out this one made of reflective yarn from Nite Light Clothing!), warm mitts and topped it off with a headlamp…even if it was -30! Takum was happy after being cooped up in the house all day too!  This spring as soon as it was warm enough to sit in a lawn chair on my deck, I grabbed a blanket and parked myself in the sun…without sunblock! Soaking in the sun’s rays are the best way to get Vitamin D and after a winter without muchk of it, it feels incredible. If you are in a warmer climate…get outside as much as you can year-round!

  1. Do Something to Help Others, It Will Also Help You

When I was feeling my lowest, it was the time I decided to get out of my head and into my heart. I’ve always felt called to serve people, but over the years let my feelings of not feeling good enough get in the way. I signed up for a coaching program for coaches and got to work on creating my lifestyle coaching program. It has been a healing journey for me as I wrote the lessons for my clients. The tools I’ve learned in finding my strength are the ones I teach in my program. What are the tools?

  • Set Goals
  • Let Go of The Past
  • Eat Clean (get my FREE meal guide here)
  • Move (Yes, that’s get exercise)
  • Practice Gratitude (get my beginner’s gratitude workbook here)
  • Manage Stress & Create Balance In Your Life
  • Practice Self Care
  • Find a Supportive Community
  • Create A Vision Board

I have to say, it’s been pretty incredible to see the “aha” moments these women have, and the wonderful shifts they’ve made in their lives. It warms my heart when I receive a message or text with something great has happened as a result of the using the tools above. One of the women messaged earlier this week her boss agreed to let her have a flexible schedule, a goal she set at the beginning of the program! She used the AS IF it already happened gratitude practice and BOOM! Her schedule will allow for her to spend more time with her family.

3 tips to discover your strength even when you think you don't have it

So to wrap up, here are the three things to help you find YOUR strength:

  1. Practice Gratitude
  2. Get Outside: Mother Nature Is Healing
  3. Help Others

Do you have a tip to share on how you find your strength when life has you down? Please share by commenting below or on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Mark and I love hearing from you!

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