2018: Make It The Year You Find Purpose and Passion

It’s been a few weeks since I posted last as I’ve been busy in the office fine – tuning the next round of The Lifestyle Lab Online Coaching program to help women find purpose and passion in their life with my partner “Lisa”. Lisa has been a great at sharing with me what she and women between the ages of 45-60 (or near it) are searching for. She told me also shared with me three questions I should ask:

  1. Do you find yourself daydreaming about being the youthful, vibrant, optimistic person you were in your twenties and thirties?
  2. Do you find yourself praying for something more in your life: more meaning, more purpose and passion?
  3. Are you ready to stop wishing and start living?

How to find purpose and passion

I’d Like To Introduce Lisa**

I’d like to officially introduce you to Lisa. Lisa has a deep desire to find more purpose and passion in her life and is wants to feel like she’s making a difference in the world. For years she’s been taking care of others, but with her children grown, she’s ready to start taking care of herself but doesn’t know where to start. She loves her husband and their time alone together, but feels a pull in her heart to do more.

Some fun facts about her: She’d rather live yoga pants than jeans. She likes to dress up every now and then, but as soon as she gets home, she’s back in her yoga pants. Her definition of a successful weekend is living in her pajamas all weekend. Yup, ALL weekend from Friday night to Sunday morning (and why her and I get along so well!). She’s low maintenance, but never goes out without putting on mascara and filling in her eyebrows. She likes ice cream, long walks with her dog and quiet nights at home with her husband. She loves pedicures, but her nails are usually a mess. She’s grateful for her life, but desired more…

How Lisa Found Her Purpose and Passion

You see, eight years ago, Lisa had no idea what she was doing by wanting to become a coach to help women live a healthy life of purpose and passion.

She’d look at the experts in her arena and wonder how they got to where they were. How they were teaching such valuable information, living lives filled with purpose and passion while she was in a soul-killing dead-end job.

But then one day, she decided to stop looking at all those leaders…and become one herself.

At the time, she was like most women her age: she was struggling with believing she was good enough, hanging out with people who didn’t support her dreams and knew in her gut there was more to life than just paying bills until she died.

She felt trapped. Like she wouldn’t be able to ever find passion and purpose in her life.

Turning 50 taught me to let go of drama

But then things changed.

She found her stride. And she developed her own, powerful techniques to get ahead.

And doing so has helped her in numerous ways; like being able to quiet the negative voice in her head to let her heart speak, so she could believe she deserved to live a passionate life.

But she didn’t want to keep this knowledge inside. She wanted others to have this same feeling.

To know that they, too, are unstoppable.

So, she created a lifestyle coaching program, which is opening for 1-on-1 and group coaching and has an incredible deal for a few short hours! (I’m IN…click here).

This coaching program is designed to show you how to let go of limiting beliefs and live your life with purpose and passion no matter your age.

She’s offering pre-enrollment at 66% off and are extremely limited*!


The 1-1 coaching program is 12 weeks, the Group Coaching is 8 weeks with weekly lessons, a 30-60 minute private call with Lisa each week, and access to the group private Facebook group for support from a community of others sharing in your struggles and successes. Both coaching groups start Sunday, February 11th.

For now, she wants you to take a moment to think about something that’s been holding you back — maybe it’s believing in yourself or learning how to live a healthy, balanced life of purpose and passion.

Then, imagine what it would feel like to bust the ceiling on those limitations and finally achieve what you’ve been dreaming of for years! 

Finding your purpose and passion is like becoming Wonder Woman

Are you ready to find your purpose and passion AND get a sweet deal? Click here.

Not quite sure? Check out what will be covered in the lessons by clicking here. The 1-1 coaching is more in depth with weekly individual coaching calls (with Lisa and other incredible coaches) and special gift box from Lisa of a journal, notebook and more! Also, once you are enrolled, you will get a welcome letter with an sweeter discount in her online shop…for the duration of the program! If group coaching is more your style, there is an incredible deal on that for a limited time too. Click here for the group coaching at 66% off.

Hurry, these special prices will end at 11:59 pm Pacific on Tuesday, January 28th!  I am looking forward to helping YOU find YOUR passion and live your life with more purpose. Click the links below to get started!



*This is non-refundable but IS transferable if you would like to give or receive as a gift.

**Yes, Lisa is ME…or who I used to be AND my ideal client. If you are Lisa, let’s find you YOUR purpose and passion.

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