A Free Meal Guide With Ease

Have you looked at another free meal guide and felt an anxiety attack coming on? Or grabbed yourself a Clean Eating Magazine only to find the recipes have a gagillion ingredients? ME TOO! I created my free meal guide for people wanting to start a healthy lifestyle but don’t want to spend hours a day in the kitchen. With the people I talk to looking to start eating healthy, it seems the biggest struggle is meal planning and prepping. I get it, I’ve been there and still have days where I am uninspired to plan and cook. But with most everything in life, if I map it out, I can easily stay on the road to success! Think about it; we can drive from Los Angeles to New York without a map or navigation apps, but it would probably take a lot longer to get there. If you want to reach your health goals faster, I’ve created an easy FREE meal guide for you!

Download your FREE meal guide with ease!

Lifestyle vs. Diet

When I decided to get on the clean eating bandwagon, I used a free meal guide I found in Oxygen Magazine to get started. After a few months, I didn’t need to use the guide as much as in the beginning but I always had it to go back to as needed. The guide also allowed for a couple of “treat meals” during the week as part of the program. As I’ve gone along my journey, the idea of having a ratio of 80/20 of clean eating/treats has served me well. I believe in making sustainable lifestyle changes and ditching the diet mentality. Why? Diets have a deadline and unless kept up, whatever goal was reached “on” the diet will be reversed once “off” the plan. Also, following the 80/20 lifestyle allows for those treats so I don’t feel deprived. Do I have ice cream? Yep. Do I have burgers and fries? Yep. Do I have pizza? Yep! I just don’t have them every day. I usually have treats a couple times a week to satisfy me need for my favorite goodies.

One of my favorite treats!

What’s In The Guide?

  • My meal format guide with what I have at each meal, the portions and how to measure them without a food scale and measuring cups! Like I said, this guide Meal Planning With EASE! It has columns of lean proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and fats. Yes, HEALTHY fats. Healthy fats don’t make us fat, sugar and processed foods make us fat. (I’ll save that for another post).
  • My clean foods shopping list. It is not all-inclusive, rather more of the foods Mark and I like but you can add your favorite foods too!
  • A monthly meal prep worksheet. This can be done each week or for the whole month!
  • A sample menu so you can see what my meals looks like.
  • I also have a food exchange list for you to look at the sample menu and exchange it with a food you like. For example I hate fish (yes, I’m a horrible Norwegian, lol) so I would switch out chicken or lean beef for a meal with fish as the protein source.

One of the worksheets for meal planning with EASE!

I’ll Be Here For You

After you’ve downloaded the free meal guide, read all the way through. It is going to look complex, but it’s actually pretty simple once you get the whole picture. Also, don’t worry…I’m sending follow-up emails explaining how it works, healthy recipes, meal prep tips and more. Keep an eye on your inbox! Also be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for announcements of Facebook lives where I can answer your questions in real time! If you can’t watch the Live in real-time, it will be downloaded on my Facebook and YouTube sites, AND I will email you the links to these sites so you don’t miss a thing! You can also send me an email with questions if Social Media is not your gig. My goal is to make meal prepping easy for you as well as understanding the information! (Hashtag EASE!)

Are You Ready??? Let’s Roll

Getting your meal guide is super easy (see a pattern here?). Just click on the link below and fill in your name and the email address you want your guide sent to. As soon as you confirm your address, an email will be sent to you to download a pdf of the guide. If you aren’t techy and prefer a hard copy in your hands, I suggest getting a three-ring binder and printing the meal guide. As you find recipes you like and other healthy eating tips, you have a place to store everything you print. If you prefer digital versions, you can save it to iBooks, Google Docs or your favorite doc saving app, mine is Evernote. It’s like the digital version of a three ring binder where you can create folders and folders within folders to keep everything organized! (No, I am not getting paid from Evernote, lol).

Click here to get your free meal guide!

After you’ve signed up to get your meal guide, come back and share a comment on what you would like me to chat about in the Facebook live. Also, be sure to follow me onĀ Facebook and especially on Instagram where I like to have fun with InstaStories and share my love of Aussie butts. It’s mostly Takum’s backside, but I’m always on the lookout for cute Aussie butts!

See You Soon!