WHY Mark and Mary Black? WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN!

Mary Black Lifestyle Coach Mark Black Strongman Competitor

WHY? Yours is Ours

What if we told you that just because you’ve had a few (OK a lot) of birthdays DOESN’T mean you have to give up on feeling “young”? What if we told you can STILL live out or find a new passion? What if we told you can do ANYTHING you want, despite the number of birthdays you’ve had?

We are Mark and Mary Black and our WHY is to help YOU stop letting others definition of age and what you SHOULD be doing stop you from doing what you desire. Our WHY is to help YOU find your passion and do whatever the hell you want to do DESPITE your age or where you are in life. We share the tools we use to keep us moving in the direction of our dreams, find new ones around every corner, and have a burning desire to help you do the same! Is our life rainbows and sunshine?? Heck no, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have big dreams and have fun while we work to achieve them! Heck we are 51 and 56, and we are JUST. GETTING. STARTED. and we are creating a community of others “middle-agers” and above that want to give the youngsters a run for their money, literally and figuratively.

We Live Our Passions and Help You To Live YOURS!

We have always followed our passion despite what others think and our mission is to help others find theirs AND live a healthy lifestyle with ease. We feel blessed to have each other as our biggest cheerleaders, but many don’t. This is why we have a vision of creating a community of others doing the same, to give you the support you might not be getting, and to realize there are others going through the same! We all have dreams and goals living in our heart, but are afraid to share them due to fear of being told “you’re crazy”. US TOO! We want everyone we work with to have a safe environment to share their crazy dreams and a supportive group of others just as crazy to help you reach them! Whether your passion is to change the world or be a better person who shows up for their family, we are here for you!

Where We’ve Been

We have been married for close to 30 years and for 22 of those years, people thought we were crazy as we had as many as 70 dogs in our front yard as competitive sled dog racers and tour operators. From 1989 to 2011, we focused on the fitness and nutrition of our dogs and put ours on the backburner. People thought we were REALLY crazy when we moved to our remote, rustic (read no indoor plumbing) cabin six miles from the end of the plowed road and 10 miles from the power grid with our dogs.

Upon retirement from “dogs” in 2011, we turned our attention to our health. Both former heavy smokers who liked to party, together we decided it was time to make a change. As we approached 50 we decided to turn our health around and began living a healthy lifestyle. Six months after retirement, us two college dropouts bought the gym in the little town we lived in Northeastern Minnesota and became Executive Partners in the organic nutrition and superfood company. Two years later, people thought we were crazy again: we closed our gym, loaded up our dog and cat (and whatever belongings could fit) in our two vehicles, and moved to Florida. A year and a half later, people thought we were crazy (there’s a pattern here) when we loaded up the dog and cat once again and headed to Alaska to work the summer in Denali National Park. We decided we wanted to give the Alaskan life a go and settled in Fairbanks for the last two years. Mark now trains and competes in Strongman Competitions (at age 55!) and Mary is training for a bikini competition at age 51…and guess what? People think we are crazy!

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