Mark and Mary Black Testimonials

I have known Mary since I was a kid – back then I thought she was the coolest!  Fast forward to April of 2012, where Mary and I reconnected after I reached out to her regarding a nutritional lifestyle she is a part of.  I started the program after talking with Mary and doing my own research.  Over 60 inches and 40 pounds gone!  But best of all?  An amazing new viewpoint on my life and how I was living it.  Mary helped guide me, through her own example, to new way to living life.  She also provided me with non-biased support, guidance, and motivation that I needed to be successful on MY journey – no one else’s.  She has been there to not only celebrate in my successes, but to also grab my hand and help if I strayed from my path.  Long story short….I appreciate Mary and ALL she is.  I look up to her for all she has accomplished, for her amazing ability to motivate people to strive to be the best version of them that they can be, and for always being true to herself no matter what.  Her spirit and love for life are contagious – I have her to thank for opening my eyes to all that life can offer!!! ~Lynn W.