A few fun facts about me:
•I like my Americanos like Mark: tall, dark and handsome.
• I’m obsessed with Aussie butts…dogs that is. (But Hugh Jackman’s ain’t bad!)
• I love sun and moon rises.
• I love lifting women up, even if it’s just sharing a smile or an encouraging word.
• I say “yeah sure”, “you betcha” and “uff-da”, so anyone who meets me for the first time can usually guess where I’m from (and my nationality).
• My secret life goal: Drive a Zamboni

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My #Minnesota roots run deep, but I have a gypsy soul. I’m a retired musher, and as the 4th of 5 kids, I’m definitely the free-spirit in my family. I love Entreprenuer podcasts, beautiful vistas and weekends spent in my pajamas. (Yes the whole weekend from Friday night – Monday morning).

Sled dog race finish

I suck at budgeting, and am working on getting my financial “poop in a group” (that’s MN nice for getting your sh*t together). I, like so many other women, struggle with not feeling “good enough” but have learned ways to quiet the negative voice in my head and keep striving for my goals.

20 years ago I lost my thyroid to Graves’ Disease and have been struggling to get proper treatment for most of the 20 years. As I’ve become more educated on treatment options, it is my mission to share my story so others don’t have to wait 20 years to get the treatment they deserve. (Click here to read my 3-part series on my thyroid journey).

For 10 years I lived “in the bush in MN” with no indoor plumbing, 10 miles from the power grid and six miles from the end of the plowed road…and it was one of the hardest and most rewarding time I’ve spent in my life. (That’s my outhouse below!).

Most of all, I love my husband. Mark and I have been married for over 28 years, together for 31. We lived an unhealthy lifestyle while we kept our sled dogs in shape but now we thrive on doing the best we can to live a healthy lifestyle and don’t let our age define us.

You’ll see more of both Mark (check him out here)and me and our fun little quirks as our blog and mission evolves. If you read this all the way to the end, I’d love to read your secret life goal in the comments! I gotta run, I’m still searching for someone to let me drive their#Zamboni #WhyIsntThereAZamboniEmoji

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