Meet Master’s Strongman Mark Black

This might seem a little odd to feature my husband and website partner, but Master’s Strongman Mark Black is September’s Aging Youthful interview. He does NOT let his age define him. A couple of weeks ago at the 2017 Northside Classic Strongman Competition, he not only pulled a 20,000 lb. semi 75 feet, he pulled it the fastest! The next competitor was over three seconds slower and 20+ years his junior!

My Husband, My Hero

A former football player and Golden Gloves boxer were a great fit for a guy who is 6’6”. For most of the years from his sophomore year in high school to 2011, he raced sled dogs. While it wasn’t  the most perfect fit for a big guy, he didn’t let that stop him from achieving his boyhood dream of winning the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in our hometown of Duluth, Minnesota.

Strongman Mark Black is a retired dog musher and 2005 winner of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

Strongman Mark Black is a retired dog musher and 2005 winner of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon


It took almost 30 years and 13 attempts with people telling him he was too big! While this achievement is one time I was incredibly proud of him, he continues to crush my proudness meter with his grit and determination in all he does.

Master's Strongman Mark Black: Who Says a big guy can't win the Beargrease Marathon

Mark was a little iced up after winning the 2005 John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

He’s had some medical issues this year that have knocked him down just a little. But just like when he was boxing, he hasn’t been knocked out. He gets back up, stronger than before and as our boxing coach/hero Luis Camacho (read his Aging Youthful secrets here) says Mark “just keeps punching”. Ok, enough gushing on my lifetime man crush. Here are Mark’s Aging Youthful Secrets

Name: Mark Black

Age: 56

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Where you always active?

Yes, I spent lots of time as a kid exploring the woods above my neighborhood as a kid.  I spent many summer days up in the “woods” hiking, climbing rocks, and fishing for brook trout and building forts.

Mark, circa 1980

Did/do you still participate in sports?

I played many sports growing up, including hockey, football, cross country, track, I boxed, I raced sled dogs for 35 years, and have always pumped iron, sometimes more serious than others. In 2015 I discovered the sport of Strongman, and fell in love with it. I have so far competed three times and by no means done competing, even at 56 years young !!! (Click here for 7 Tips To Living The Aging Youthful Lifestyle PDF sent to your inbox).

Mark was an Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Boxer back in the day.

Do you watch what you eat and do you supplement?

I eat healthy most of the time, but I don’t limit what I eat and pretty much eat what I want.  Just eat some stuff in moderation.  I try to eat as organic as possible, and stay away from processed food. I have used supplements off and on. In 2011, Mary found Isagenix, and we have been using those supplements since. I really feel it is because of Isagenix that I am able to do as well as I am doing in Strongman !!!

What are your favorite activities?

Hitting the gym, watching a good movie, and spending time with my wife and my best friend Takum, my Aussie !!!

What is YOUR secret for staying young?

I would have to say Isagenix and my attitude. I’m not gonna let a number limit my belief on what I am able to do. I will continue to move my body and do what I want until I just can’t anymore !!!

56 years young Master's Strongman Mark Black practicing his favorite event, the semi pull

56-years-young Master’s Strongman Mark Black practicing his favorite event, the semi pull

There you have it, completely unedited, including punctuation (he loves using triple exclamation points, lol). Keep an eye out for this guy more in the future. He writes for the blog off and on (I’m hoping more on than off, as people like The Aging Youthful Dude’s stories) and has some pretty big goals. Want to learn more about Mark? Check out our About Us page, his individual “fun” bio page and the growing Mark Black Strongman page here on the website. Want to learn our 7 Tips On How To Live The Aging Youthful Lifestyle? Click here to have a PDF delivered to your inbox.

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