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Don’t Let Go – What My Sled Dogs Taught Me 

Motivational Speaker Mary Black not letting go during the 2004 John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon
If you are looking for something different for your next employee meeting or corporate event, Motivational Speaker Mary Black might be your gal! She serves up an engaging, inspiring and humorous public speaking presentation about living a purpose-driven life by doing what you love, in spite of others opinions! If having 50 sled dogs in your front yard isn’t crazy enough, Mary and her husband Mark moved to their rustic (read no indoor plumbing) cabin 10 miles from the power grid, six miles from the end of the plowed public road system with those 50 dogs.

Don’t Let Go: What My Sled Dogs Taught Me About Leadership

Don't Let Go A Leadership Presentation for your group or business by retired sled dog racer and motivational speaker Mary Black

Mary shares the life and leadership lessons her sled dogs taught her. For 22 years Mary and Mark raised, trained and raced sled dogs in Northern Minnesota for the Upper Midwest, mid-to-long distance racing circuit. Standing on the runners for tens of thousands of miles watching incredibly gifted and talented sled dogs from behind, gives a person perspective like no other on the planet. Don’t Let Go is an engaging, interactive presentation with numerous photos and videos to tell the story of how blazing your own trail is filled with ups & downs, twists & turns and a lot of hard work. However, if you “Don’t Let Go” of what you are passionate about, it leads you down a trail of an incredibly fun, rewarding and purposeful life.

Mary Black is an online lifestyle coach, blogger and motivational speaker with almost 30 years of experience. In 2011, she took 22 years of training, coaching, inspiring and racing a competitive sled dog team and turned her focus to inspiring women to not their age define them through blogging, online lifestyle coaching, motivational speaking and social media platforms and is launching The Aging Youthful Podcast in early 2018. She is training for her first Strongwoman competition at the age of 51.

This presentation is written in two formats;

  1. Motivation and entertainment for individuals
  2. Leadership and motivation for businesses and their managers and/or employees.

First Love Yourself 

First Love Yourself Mindset Ecourse

A workshop or day-long retreat Mary leads to help women step into their power by nourishing the mind, body and soul to live a positive life! This half-day workshop or full – day retreat teaches women how to love the amazing “perfectly imperfect” selves and gives women the tools to replace negative self-talk through journaling, doodling, positive powerful “I AM” affirmations and more! She also shares how she learned to give up the all-or-nothing mentality, not care what others think and live a life of purpose and passion!

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